Monday, August 12, 2013

Initial Thoughts On The New Lizardmen - Part Two

Okay, I'm going to say it upfront. I don't think that the new Lizardmen got substantially worse than they were with the previous book. In fact I think from a tournament point of view they are stronger and we will see good players do really well with them.

The initial reaction from "tournament players" is that they have been "nerfed" to use their vernacular. However most of these tournament players focus solely on stat lines - particularly in isolation - rather than the synergy available in list construction.

So why do I think Lizards are better? Well let me list just a few reasons.

  • Lore Attribute - Contemplations
  • Temple Guard can be taken without need to babysit Slaan - and they got cheaper
  • Cheaper Stegadons
  • Contemplations
  • Upgrade for D3 multiple wounds on Steg
  • Stegadon is a single model
  • Cheap access to flaming attack
  • High Magic
  • Contemplations
  • Slaan overall cheaper with series of options that still make him the best caster in the game
  • Predatory Fighter on Scar Vets
  • Engine of Gods not out of Hero allowance
  • Two Dispel scrolls for nervous nellies
  • Contemplations
If you notice none of the things I've mentioned come from the new models. All are from things the Lizardman player currently owns. 

So what do I think the "list" will look like?

Slaan - BSB High Magic with kit
2x SV on CO
Skink Priest

2x Skink Cohorts with Std
5-6 Skirmish Skinks
Total 600 points

Temple Guard
2x Terradons
Small camo

Ancient Steg
Salamander units x2

So again an avoidance list with tool for every job. High Magic shenanigans with WbW and the Steg to bust open armour. Personally I'd like to drop to a single Sally to try and shoehorn in a second Ancient Steg. 

I'd like to revisit this in six months to see how wrong I am. However I think Contemplations is the biggest change to the meta since the widespread introduction of Monstrous Cavalry. I may be wrong but in the hands of good players I can already hear the cries of "broken". 


  1. totally agree. that is nearly exactly what my new lizo list looks like. will do a post on it next

  2. I'm not sold on the Ancient Steg. I still like the idea of core Saurus for the Watchtower, but this will be balanced against how good the TG are once buffed (see if they can take a tower). I'm wondering if the Ancient Steg couldn't be left at home for a second block to push around.

    Keen to hear your thoughts on the new monsters Pete...

    1. Anc Steg is 1+.

      Other monster offer nothing in a list where points spent better elsewhere

    2. I think TGuard can take a tower just as well as (if not better)Saurus can. Wack on some Hand of Glory and possibly an Iceshard blizzard/wildform/whatever sig spell buff you have previously swapped a spell for and go for it!

      TGuard over Saurus because you can bring the razor standard. In the land of 1+, AP is King.

      Joel v

    3. I still think Basilidons offer something. There is something to be said for cheap potentially high S MM spam.

    4. Competition for points is their problem James. Temple Guard are going to set you back 400-450 points, Terradons 250, Characters 800, Core 600 plus Rare....not a lot of points available