Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comp Rant Fail - A New Low in Futility

People know that I am no fan of heavy comp prefering instead to limit only what are viewed as the most egregious builds. In Warhammer, as in life, there are a few truisms. One of these is that no-one forces you to play at an event. Therefore if you pay your entry fee you are buying into the ethos of the event.

If you don't accept that, then don't go. And whatever you do, don't waste a few hours of your life creating a video and ranting about it online.

Whiney Bitch of the Week Award goes to this guy. I'm pretty sure that the organisers will give you back your entry fee not to have you at their event


  1. Only made it a few minutes in, then turned him off and went and read it for himself. It's a heavy comp system, but my only real sympathy is it looks like he had to choose events not knowing what the comp was gonna be.

  2. Yup. This guy is a fucking tard. Used to subscribe to his reports on youtube, but he is so annoying and as you say whiney. I actually commented on this video about a week ago saying he should just play better, but got no response.

    1. You said f***!... F*** sake mate IM TELLING PETE!

      PETER! SAMUEL SAID FUCK! Ooooooh. Your in trouuubllllllleeeee..

  3. oh no a 450pt limit, how will he ever manage to do well again... Jesus wept.

  4. his batreps arent bad, yeah he is pretty whiney, but at least he know the rules