Friday, August 9, 2013

NZ Teams Championship Sold Out!!!

Pleased to announce that there are now the full 16 Teams for NZTC 2014.

The last few places were snapped up this morning. There is still an opportunity for two individuals to join "The Redheaded Stepchildren" but I expect those will disappear soon.

I will be badgering the teams that have registered to pay their rego fee in the next few days to secure their place.

Until then I am starting a waiting list for any further teams to take up places should they become available.

Pretty excited.


  1. it really shows how popular the last years one was that this one is sold out a full 7 months from the event. good work pete

  2. Any chance of more teams pete?

    1. Unlikely. Limited by space and tables

    2. Having a talk with the boys sunday and should get you our fee ASAP