Saturday, August 17, 2013

Maltese ETC Vampire List

Here is the list that scored 119/120 points at the ETC last weekend.

Daniel Degiorgio, Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord: General, Level 4, Vampires, Red Fury, Flying Horror, Book of Arkhan, Dragonhelm, Potion of Foolhardiness, Talisman of Preservation, Great weapon, Heavy Armour, 506

Necromancer: Level 2, Vampires, Dispell Scroll, Ironcurse Icon 130

21 Zombies: 63
20 Zombies: 60
2x 7 Dire Wolves: 56
36 Crypt Ghouls: Ghast, 370

2x 10 HexWraiths: Hellwraith, 310
8 Crypt Horrors: Crypt Haunter, 315

1 Terrorgheist: 225

Total: 2400

What is key is to see which matchups he was given. Certainly whatever he received he dealt with it.


  1. Some interesting choices. I love hexwraiths, but they are really match up dependant - which is perfect in a TC environment. I wonder how often the flying horror was used, suspect it was mostly for last turn points snatching or leaving the ghouls to their fate if in need.

    1. flying horror was used every game in very offensive and unexpected ways.

      Hexwraight move was only used to whittle some trolls in one game, if anyone of you bothers to read the ETC FAQ which you obviously did not you would realise that the hexwraight move was severely nerved.


    2. Congrats on a phenomenal result Daniel. As I understand it your score of 119/120 was the best total in ETC history.

      Interested in the tactics your team used with you in the matchup process. Were you kept until late in the process to engineer the right match? I'm assuming so. What armies did you get to play in your six rounds?

      Any elaboration you can give would be much appreciated.


    3. So you say that the ETC severly nerfed/banned the reforming Hexwraith trick, but you used it once anyway? Not sure you make that point very well. Any way, its still an awesome result to get 119/120 battle points, you must have played extremely well. :)

    4. In Daniel's defense- the rules are set at what they are set at. If he abides within the calling of the rules- and I'm sure judges were involved- that makes him a wise tactician, if anything. Unless there's somehow more to that, but the ruleset is the ruleset.

      That being said, Daniel (if this is you), I can't fund your ESC winning list on here, but I know it's markedly different than this one. It would be see it, if anyone can track it down.

  2. I wouldnt read to much into it. The way he uses the list breaks the rules for reforming. He pulled the wool over Mikes eyes in this way. ETC even made a clear ruling on the reforming hexwraiths but seams some ignored it.

    1. Is this re: the massive thread on warhammer forum about if 1 hex wraith hits = due to infinite reform = all can hit?

    2. Just found the thread

      From what the original post states ETC seems to have allowed the move. Personally I think its a crappy thing to do and honestly who would want to win that way? How long would it take him to run through this little trick each turn?

    3. Yeah it's anti-hammer 7th ed "rules" shenanigans that I thought was a relic of the past.

      Joel v

    4. relic from 7th edition? I imagine Auckland will be all over it in no time then!

    5. Jossy, your allegations are pathetic and very unbecoming what a sod!

    6. If the ETC allowed it and it was in the pack, then all well and good as it's a team members responsibility to know what altered rules he is playing under.