Thursday, August 8, 2013

Predatory Fighter - Waiting For The FAQ

The Lizardmen book has been out less than a week and already the internet is raging about one of the Special Rules. This time however the rage isn't that the rule is broken but rather that it doesn't appear to work the way some people believe it was intended to. And if you play it as written then making attacks becomes more cumbersome.

The Predatory Fighter rule gives a special ability for Saurus, Kroxigor and Carnosaur sized Lizards. When they make their attacks, if they roll a "6" then they get an extra attack. Pretty cool rule right? Keeping in fluff with the nature of the Lizards. Equip Lizards with Spears and suddenly you may get a lot of extra attacks, right?

Unfortunately not! There is a General Rule in the Rulebook that says that models in supporting ranks are limited to one attack. Period. So now you have the ridiculous situation where you must roll front rank and supporting rank attacks separately.

Now I personally don't believe that this was Mr. Vetock's intention. I'd bet handsomely that Predatory Fighter was intended to extend to all Supporting Attacks. Unfortunately as per RAW that doesn't happen. In a lot of situations you can point to Army Book taking precedence over Rulebook where there is a conflict. However as written there is no conflict, you're just left with a cumbersome mechanic.

I fully expect this to be FAQ'd at the earliest possible juncture but until then we are left with an embarassing glitch.


  1. Tend to agree here that it will be FAQd quickly. The other quick fix I hope is coming is allowing Chiefs on Terradons/Rippers to join terradon/ripper units. It seems (particularly given Tiktaqto's rules) that they forgot to put the special rule in.

  2. I'm almost positive Tiktaq'to will be FAQed so that he can join a unit.He has a special rule that specifically starts "all Teradons in Tiqtakto's unit...". And if he can surely other Skink Chiefs can as well.

    Not sure about Predatory Fighter. Pretty sure it's meant to apply to all attacks, hopefully it gets FAQed as such.

  3. Wait... whats that... its the sound of Dwarven violins playing a sad melody for the Lizard players who've found that only 98% of their new book is awesome...