Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend Hobby

So as Wellington sustains another spate of seismic activity, time to look ahead to the weekend. I have two games lined up and - according to Internet wisdom - I can already mark them down as 20-0 wins. Why? Because I am playing against Lizardmen and we know from the Warhammer airwaves that they are crap. I'm guessing I should really do the decent thing and contact Mike and Hagen and tell them not to bother. Oh no wait....luckily for them I'm using the last book the Internet said was rubbish, Daemons of Chaos.

Speaking of Lizardmen, I am painting up an Ancient Stegadon to add to my army. This model has been sitting broken and half painted in my bitz box since I bought a Lizard army in March last year. Time for it to feel some love and get out onto the table.

I arrived home from a walk this morning to find a big parcel on my doorstep. Inside were my Lizardmen new releases - the book, a Carnosaur/Troglodon kit, two Bastilodons and a box of Ripperdactyls.  These will give me plenty to put together over the next week though I do wish I had bought two Carnosaurs so I could also make a Troglodon.

Finally I jumped onto iBooks and downloaded Mark of Calth, Promethean Sun and Vulkan Lives to catch up on my Horus Heresy reading.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend old chap.

  2. You missed the bit where you do your horus heresy painting and then we get you all sorted now my airbrush is fixed!

    1. Oh Charlie since you're about...can you advise a reasonable compressor suitable for the basic Badger Airbrush?

    2. An AS-18 will work pretty well, you just need a hose adapter as badger airbrushes tend to use a different sized fitting (AC-100 to badger). Most of those models come in a set with a basic airbrush as well.

  3. Saw Jeffs new Carnosaur last night and its a seriously good looking model Id buy it just to paint it... but why do you need all those big models. I though Lizard armies consisted of a Slann hiding in a building and 300 Skinks, the new stuffs just to confuse ppl.