Friday, August 2, 2013

NZTC Registration Update

Just a quick update on the NZTC registrations. These have been open since Monday and almost half the places have been snapped up already.

If you are wanting to be certain of registering a team then you probably want to do it sooner rather than later.

As always I'll be running an orphan/dating service for singles. At present NZ's #1 Ranked Player Tim Joss is looking for a team.

EDIT: Nine Ten Eleven Twelve teams have now registered for NZTC

Von Trapp Family (confirmed)
Shirts Off Warhammer (confirmed)
Team D(eluded)ILF (confirmed)
Stonefall Massive (confirmed)
Southern Raiders (Chch)
Kapiti Krushers A
Grumpy Old Men
Kapiti Krushers B
Team Victoria (Australia)
The Nice Team
The Bucketheads (Manawatu)

This means that there are only seven five four spots left assuming that all the above teams pay their entry fee.

The venue is limited to 16 teams. That is definite. So if you know anybody that wants to play at NZTC then they need to organise themselves. I'm expecting at least 2-3 more local teams in the next few days


  1. Hey is your wife going to play in the "Von Trapp" family or are you going after another ring-in?

    1. Ha ha very hillbilly-ish....then again you do reside in the hills of Wellington.
      You will have to at least learn the lyrics to "Edelweiss" to prove your Austrian inspired not Arkansaw slack-jaws....either that or lederhosen!

  2. surely we can come up with a better name than "Kapiti Crushers B", why not the Raumati Rascals or the Paraparaumu Pythons. anything better than team B.

    1. I firmly believe that all team names should be "colour""animal".

      Magenta Mules
      Fuchsia Flamingos
      Salmon Skunks
      Rose Rhinoceros
      Mauve Marlins
      Lavender Llamas

      Pete, you should strictly enforce this naming convention.

    2. How about the "Mostly Kapiti Crushers" After all i am not technically living in kapiti

    3. So Jeff you'd be the "Weak Piss Wolfpack"?

    4. Paraparaumu Pigeons sounds more apt. . . ;)

    5. Pukerua Pirates I think. Would you concur, Nick?

    6. To be honest I was going to bring up team names and such on Thrusday night at the club. Not sure I can be bothered with Krushers name this year. Placeholder y'all.

    7. Kapiti Krushers A and B = Placeholderz

  3. Replies
    1. name supplied so I created the most insipid name I could

    2. Weird,I thought our team had fallen apart

    3. Mal said you guys had put together a team of Yourself, Basil, Damon and Rhys.

      I believe Mal was offered sexual favours to join Shirts Off Warhammer

    4. LOL,Basil is a maybe and Rhys is a possible

    5. Well would you like me to keep the place or are you guys likely to give it a miss?

    6. Hold the place for now and i'll get back to you asap

  4. slander!i offered to trade beards with him, thats all