Saturday, August 17, 2013

ETC Performance - Breakdown by Race

Here is a breakdown by race for the recent ETC. It was compiled by marko over at TWF.

Interesting to see the ranking of the various armies albeit through the filter of ETC comp.

From an NZ point of view we only had one two of what proved to be the Top 5 performing armies. Special mention should go to Simon Turner who was the best performed Beastman at the event. And similarly to Haig McLaisky who was the best of 19 O&G players.

There does seem to be a certain self-fulfilling prophecy around taking the orthodox choices - though by that lens Ogres outperformed while Dark Elves underperformed (looks like they were quite variable).

Got to guess that the VC list that  scored 119 points will become the new "black"!

Edit: A few errors are starting to show up.

Skaven total is 1422 giving an average of 64.64 and dropping them below O&G


  1. We had 2 of the top 5 armies, I played Daemons this year, not Dark Elves. Surprised at just how well DoC did overall, but not that surprised. I imagine they'll be hard hit next year.

    Not only did we have the top Beastmen player, but we also had the top OnG player in Haig. Huge congrats to both of the lads, they did well.

    The Maltese VC player is, according to his team, the world champ of warhammer. He is meant to have won the ESC (Singles) 5 years running and he got 20-0 in all 6 of his games this year in that tourney, so whoever got 1 point from him did well..

    As for the rest:
    DE are severely over-comped compared to where they are in the meta now. Either a new book or a relaxing of comp needs to happen.
    Ogres doing so well is surprising seeing how few countries brought them. Shows how good the book really is.

    I think this really shows that no matter how much is given to TK or WE, they're not going to perform well on a wider scale at ETC, the other armies are just better and a solution needs to be found. I predict that point penalties will be handed out to the best performing armies next year in addition to the point boosts the bottom armies get.

    1. Lol, Considering Harry won the ESC four years ago thats a laugh... 119 is an amazing effort though!

  2. Interesting to see Bretts and Dwarfs two of the oldest books finish so well vs say high elves and chaos dwarfs. That maltese guy must be a freak. Would be good to watch him play

  3. Nice break down! I feel bad for the Wood Elves, and as John mentioned surprised to see the Brett's and Dwarfs doing so well. My WOC are also a bit of a surprise...thought they'd do better...maybe they aren't the hardest army in Warhammer Mr. Curry :-)