Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clash of Swords UK - Top 4 Lists

Here are the Top 4 lists from UK Clash of Kings:

Dan Kings National Champion winning army – Undead

Vampire of Dragon: Ensorcelled Armour
Cursed Pharaoh: Wings of Honeymaze
3 x Lykanis
2 x Revenant King’s on Undead horses
2 x Zombie Troll Horde
1 x Werewolf Horde: Brew of Strength
2 x Zombie Regiment
1 x Wraith Regiment: Chant of Hate
1 x Wrath Regiment: Blessings of the Gods

Alan Thompson – 2nd place list – Twilight Kin & Forces of Nature

Dark Lord with Mount
High Priestess: Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman
High Priestess: Bane Chant, Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart
Army Standard Bearer: Crepognon’s Scrying Gem of Zellak
1 x Abyssal Riders Horde: Blessings of the Gods
2 x Gargoyle Troop
1 x Buccaneer Horde with Jar of the 4 Winds
1 x Crossbowmen Horde: Brew of Keen-eyeness
1 x Crossbowmen Horde: Hear-seeking Chant
2 x Twilight Kin Hydra
1 x Forces of Nature Hydra
1 x Salamander Horde
1 x Druid: Lightning Bolt, Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet

Darren Parkes – 3rd placed list – Elves & Ogres

Dragon Kindred Lord: Ensorcelled armour
Army Standard Bearer on Horse
Kindred Archer Horde: Hear-seeking Chant
Forest Shambler Horde: Fire-Oil
3 x Stormwind Cavalry Regiments: Brew of Sharpness
Drakon Riders Horde: Helm of Confidence
4 x Bolt Throwers
Ogre Shooters: Brew of Keen-eyeness

Miguel Angel Garcia – 4th placed list – Undead

Cursed Pharaoh: Wings of Honeymaze
2 x Revenant Kings on Undead Wyrm’s (1 has Ensorcelled armour)
3 x Soul Reaver Cav Regiments (1 has Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar)
2 x Werewolf Hordes
2 x Wraith Regiments

Apparently some controversy because it was known that Buccaneer Horde was misprint but allowed anyway.

Initiated some whinging that "Elite" and "shooting" armies are too good.


  1. Interesting shift to shooting armies. Good to see Dan (nice bloke) still top of the tree. I wonder if the weakening of cavalry in the 2nd edition has led to reliance of infantry which are then more vulnerable to shooting. If so, I suspect competitive lists will be reintroducing cavalry.

  2. Surely it wouldnt be wargaming if there was not some ... noise about army composition?

  3. Ran a variant of the top list (Undead on Undead) last night (pared down to 2000pt) No revenat kings, only one Lykanis, no trolls. Found the major weak in that list to be susceptibility to cavalry charge (w bane chant) and wraiths limited mobility (shambling). I would predict that we will see a lot of flying Cursed Pharoes in future. The new Blender Lords, methinks.

    1. Lol ! Just noticed, I'm logged in as my daughter! Not Lisa's comment, but mine