Friday, October 9, 2015

Kings of War Rules in Stock

Just a heads up for anybody planning the shift to Kings of War that local Mantic stockist Mighty Ape have just received new shipments of the rules - both versions.

I ordered a Gamers Edition last evening and have received notification that it is en route.

Given there is no Antipodean tax, it is nice to be able to support a local distributor - especially one with great customer service.

You can check out all their KoW wares at


  1. I ordered my Gamer's edition last week, arrived the next day so top service. Was going to get the full book but they were showing '6 to 8 weeks delivery' so great they're back in stock.

    Will get the hardback for keeping at home as I want the full fluff and pics but the Gamer's edition is great for taking to games, small and slim and has all the relevant content. Only critique is that several page references for rules are wrong and I assume are correct for the hardbook copy instead, e.g. 'refer to page 71' when in fact it's page 14 in the small book. Hardly a big problem. Certainly well-priced at $24.95