Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Magnetic Basing Material - NZ Supplier

In the past I have used Gale Force Nine for the rubberised steel sheet I use to line movement trays. However all local suppliers seem to be out and the Battlefront webstore has none in stock.

So I went looking for another source and had Magnets NZ recommended to me.

After making email enquiry on Friday I was sent a catalogue and found what I was looking for. I needed self adhesive magnetic sheet and non-magnetic rubberised receptor.

The two codes are:

SHTADH85 (Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet)
SHTMAGRECEPTIVE (Non Magnetic Sheet)

You can buy them by the metre, the first costing $27.50 + GST and the second, $24.50 + GST. On top of this you need to pay freight. Be aware this is bloody heavy. I bought four metres of each (myself and three locals) and I reckon the tube weighted at least 20kgs. The freight charge was a very reasonable $20.

The sheets are 0.62m wide so a metre length will likely do 2-3 armies. Pricing is great - it worked out at $65 each for a metre each of magnetic/receptor.

Fast service too. Ordered Friday afternoon, here Monday morning.


  1. Let us know what the receptor quality is like compared to GF9 sheet, Im running out too! Never been a fan of magnetic strip though, too weak. Prefer small neos.

  2. Will have to check them out, they're just around the corner from my work so should be able to just pick up.

  3. I use their magnetic strip and tbe only issue I have had with it is it remaining attached to the bottom of bases. Granted that was without the use of additional glue. About 1 in 6 resin bases needed some superglue encouragement to remain attached.

    Excellent stuff though. Easy to use, and a good magnet strength. Been a fan for a while.

    Havent tried their receptor as I didnt know they sold it ha. Will be getting some when my roll of steel shim runs out.

    1. While I prefer neodymium magnets for strength and simplicity to glue in the recess under WFB plastic bases, with flat-bottom bases where there is no recess for a neodymium I see the point of using magnetic strip. Just wouldn't rate it for holding metal minis.

    2. That depends how often you intend turning your movement tray completely upside down? ;)