Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alessio Calvatore's Latest Project

Listening to the Counter Charge Podcast interview with Alessio, one of the things that got me really excited about KoW was his current project.

Alessio indicated that he is currently working on a Historical expansion for the ruleset to allow you to play games with historical armies pre the widespread prevalence of black powder weapons. This is generally taken to be the period prior to 1500AD (yes gunpowder was used prior to this but it was not a dominating force).

As the owner of numerous historical armies this is exciting news. The ability to play either fantasy or historical with the same game system is very attractive to me.

I am currently reading through a series of books on the Wars of the Roses - a particularly favoured conflict of mine - and having refought 6-8 of the pivotal battles in 15mm DBM about fifteen years ago, I'd love the opportunity to do it again with 28mm figures.

As an aside I am reading about the Battle of Towton which is still the largest land battle ever on British soil. Around 70,000 men fought in dreadful weather conditions with the aftermath representing a total bloodbath as one side tried to flee through a swamp.

From the podcast it appears the expansion will be seen in 2016.


  1. The only issue with this is trying to work out if I want a Republican Roman, Dark Age Saxon, War of the Roses or Samurai army, all of whom are available in 28mm plastic.

    I don't know how historical gamers deal with the range of choice.

    1. TBH the majority of Samurai figures are from the post-1500 period rather than the Gempai Wars. If you go Saxons you can fight my Vikings, if you go WotR you can fight my Warwick army (I plan to build)

  2. Might be time to roll out my Normans and Saxons again

  3. Perry twins do fantastic WotR miniatures...just the thought of playing historicals gives me a boner!