Friday, October 2, 2015

KoW - In The Deep End

So tomorrow is my first game of Kings of War and I needed to come up with a 2000 point list. I wanted to use the Ratkin - mainly cos they are small, cuddly have silky coats and the best whiskers.

Here's what I have come up with:
  • Enforcer
  • Swarm-Crier
  • Swarm-Crier
  • Tunnel Slaves [Legion]
  • Tunnel Slaves [Horde]
  • Spear Warriors [Horde]
  • Shock Troops [Horde]
  • Shock Troops [Regiment]
  • The Blight [Horde]
  • Brutes [Horde]
  • Vermintide [Horde]
  • Artillery [1]
  • Mutant Rat-Fiend [1]
  • Death Engine [1] - Bloody Carnage
You will see that I have no Magic and only onr Ranged Attack. This is by design as I want to concentrate on learning the game piece by piece. This setup allows me to concentrate on Movement, Combat and Nerve before adding in the extra complexity of Magic and Shooting.

I'm told that 14 units is about normal for 2000 points. My model count is 258.


  1. Solid looking list & plenty of inspiring to help keep the units from routing.

  2. I do like the mass numbers you get in KoW despite only having played a few games. Good luck.