Friday, October 2, 2015

Ratkin Ready To Roll

Last night I set up my Ratkin for a game this weekend versus Dwarfs. I finished and varnished the trays and then went about filling them with my Ratkin models.

I'm "guessing" the Ratkin are all about numbers and so for this weekend have concentrated on seeing what blocks do. With WHFB at 2400 points I'd typically have around 200 models. My 2000 point KoW army is nearer 300 so a real horde.

Here you get an idea of the size that a Ratkin horde brings.

Here is a unit of Warriors with a Horde of Shock Troops behind.

I'm also running a Horde of The Blight.

The unit in front is a Legion of Slaves - it is one big footprint.

I really like the aesthetic of large blocks and with the Ratkin they do really look like an army.

I'll make sure I get some pictures of the game for upcoming blog posts.



  1. Looks fantastic Pete, great to see the enthusiasm back!

    1. I agree the army does look very impressive Pete.

  2. Looking good. a solid battle line or regiments & hordes with a big anvil unit of a legion is a good way to go. You'll probably want some smaller units to get in on the flanks etc as well.

    Big thing to keep in mind is that while multiple enemy units can charge your legion, it can only charge one.

  3. KOW does have a far bigger model count than WHFB did. My 2400 point Wood Elf army only came to 1k in KOW.

    Overall i have liked the effect as it truly gives you the feel of a "Massed" fantasy battle

  4. Looks good! I'm quite taken with the idea of representing units, not individual models. I think this opens the door to really nice unit dioramas that fit the correct footprint. After the End Times funk my hobbying has been in that peaked my interest enough to start thinking about a new army.

  5. They look great. Totally agree that KoW blocks make armies look like 'proper' armies.
    Does have me concerned about how my son's WoC will make the transition though, even with everything still in boxes put together and painted up I think he'll be woefully short of models to make a proper army. I suspect I will be buying up Chaos Warriors by the dozen on TM and eBay..