Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KoW Ratkin Unit Review - Warriors

Warriors are the base troops in a Ratkin list.

They can be bought as a Regiment for 90 points (20 models) or as a Horde for 160 points (40 models). In both instances they "unlock" other choices.

Special Rules:

These guys have nothing other than access to the Ratkin Army Rule of "Pack Mentality" which gives a potential +2 boost to Nerve and, in the case of Hordes, Rallying!(1) which contributes to other unit's Pack Mentality boost.

So there are no "Vicious", "Elite", strength bonuses......nada.

However their lack of bonus is made up in their cost.


Speed: 6
Melee: 5
Defence: 4
Attacks: 12 (Regiment) or 25 (Horde)

The Statline shows that the unit has good speed but poor damage output. With a Me of 5 they hit no more often than Tunnel Slaves. Given they are likely to be typically purchased as a Horde then you are likely to be only doing 5, 4, 3 and 1 wound to De 3 to 6 respectively. Given the low expected damage there is far more upside potential for vagaries of luck.

Where they do score over the other base troops is in their De. Most people will scoff at 4+ De but when compared with Tunnel Slaves (De 2) there is a boost when fighting other light troops. This of course evaporates quickly when facing anyone with Strength modifiers.

Nerve: 12/14 (Regiment) or 19/21 (Horde) with potential to boost +2

For me, the Nerve stat means I will always be running them in Horde. These guys will Rout if looked at the wrong way and therefore you need to be ensuring their Nerve is boosted and backed by Inspiring. If you can get them to 23 then they need to be subjected to 11 wounds before they can Rout and likely substantially more if Inspired......And for me this is where the value is.


I can see their value.....but also the susceptibility. Their utility comes in whether or not you are facing an opponent devoid of Crushing Strength or Thunderous Charge. If not then you are probably better to go with Tunnel Slaves who have similar Nerve (no Rallying boost) or Spear warriors with Phalanx.

I can certainly see a role but I tend to view them as a halfway house choice that can probably be better replaced by another choice and the application of tactics.

Certainly I wouldn't be dropping Magic Artifacts into them with any regularity.

In summary, I see them as a Reserve line choice rather than frontline.

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