Monday, October 5, 2015

KoW - A Rat's Tail

I really enjoyed playing with my Ratkin on the weekend. The really felt like a relentless Horde.

They actually played a lot like Skaven were portrayed in the End Times books - particularly Thanquol. Wave after wave of rats dashing themselves against the enemy. Over the past few years I have played with Slave heavy WHFB list but these units have been used far more as a defensive "blocking" force rather than as an offensive tool. This is because they then bought the necessary time for the Skaven "toys" to work.

The list I used on Saturday was different. As per my previous post it was:
  • Tunnel Slaves - 1x Horde, 1x Legion
  • Spear Warriors - 1x Horde
  • Shock Troops - 1x Horde, 1x Regiment
  • Blight - 1x Horde
  • Vermintide - 1x Horde
  • Brute - 1x Horde
  • Artillery - 1
  • Enforcer - 1
  • Army Standard Bearer - 2
The key to the list was making the most of the Ratkin special rules - Rallying! and Pack Mentality.

"Friendly non-allied units within 6" have +n to their Waver and Rout Nerve values. This is cumulative, with a maximum total of +2 if multiple units with Rallying! are in range."

When you build your tactics around a special rule it pays to know how it works! I wasn't sure so only added a max of +1 to Nerve and only to the Hordes od SW, ST and Blight. After the game I checked on the Mantic Forum and clarified the rule.

Aside: Isn't it nice to be able to get feedback on rules from someone "official". I asked a question and within two hours I had a reply from Mantic's "Rule Committee". I'm still waiting for GW to rule on Predatory Fighter for Supporting Attacks.

So given the game would I make changes to my list? I'm not sure is the answer. I am considering dropping the Shock Troop Regiment to add in some Hackpaws (Cavalry). This would give me a fast flanking force. I'm also not sure on the Artillery. Artillery is very hit or miss. Rat artillery hits on 5+. I get the feeling you either take a lot or none. The fact that enhancements to Nerve move away from it is another consideration.

Obviously I am basking a bit in the warm glow of a new game but I can only say my first experiences with both Kings of War and Ratkin were very positive.

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  1. Agree that some cavalry always useful. 1 shot war machines like canon have fallen out of favour in my group since 2nd edition - although organ guns and breath weapons like flame canon still popular.