Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Game - Ratkin vs. Empire of Dust

Using the same list as before I played Lliam's Empire of Dust. This army had a Horde of archers, two catapults plus a lot of characters giving the "Surge".

My deployment was aimed at stretching him out as much as possible and then stacking one flank to hit the vulnerable part of his line. Again this was the right where a unit of Skelly Warriors and a catapult were on the end.

Here you see Lliam's setup. From the far end it is catapult - skellys - archer horde - catapult. Then we have his more elite troops.

My right flank - with all my heavy hitters. The Shock Troops are next to the Legion of Slaves.

I probed on the left with the Hackpaws hoping to distract him from the rest of my refused flank. They got outside his chariots who then turned and surged into them. Still this used up two turns total which stopped the chariots redeploying to the far side.


My Legion and Brutes hit the Warriors but bounced. Outside Hackpaws hit the flank of the Catapult. The Death Engine followed up behind with the Fiend.

The Bone Giant and Skellies finished off the Legion. I was able to get the Brutes and Death Engine into the Giant killing it but the Hackpaws were wavered two turns in a row and couldn't charge the Casket. Eventually I withdrew them to safety.

In my centre I stupidly had pushed the Shock Troops forward and they disappeared to ranged shooting.

Lliam brought his chariots into the centre to contact my Blight. Over two turns the Blight were able to see them off. Ensnare is a great ability!

At around this time my pics stopped. However the Tomb Guard came in and surged into the flank of the Brutes who survived. This allowed the Death Engine to hit them in the flank and with a Countercharge from the Brutes this was enough to rout them.

In the end the score was 775 - 525 in my favour. A small but hard fought win.


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  1. It was hard fought. The thing that sticks in my mind is the extent to which I under-deployed on my left out of fear of your 50-point explodey item. Your slaves were targetable by shooting the whole time, so it would've been a lot smarter to deploy to win on my left, batter the slaves with shooting in order that they could've been routed easily by one unit.

    Of my three battles on Saturday, I think this was the learningest.