Sunday, October 4, 2015

KoW - First Battle = Achievement Unlocked

I managed to get my first game of Kings of War down at the Warlords yesterday.

Rob and I played 2000 points a side Dwarfs versus my Ratkin. I think this was Rob's third or fourth game so it was good to have someone who had played to talk me through the rules.

My list was the Ratkin I posted on the blog the other day. Here's a series of pics to give you an idea of how it looked.

This was my battleline coming forward. Unsure of what I was doing I focussed on full court press.

The Legion of Tunnel Slaves saw off two units of Berzerkers. Unfortunately the Mutant Rat-Fiend died to a "12" nerve test. Early lesson on keeping your army within Inspiring range.

The Badgers in the bottom saw off my Death Engine - when I forgot I had bought upgrade of CS(2) and Vicious - then took out my depleted Shock Troop Horde. I finally got them last turn with an Artillery shot.

In the end the game was a small win to Rob.

I had great fun with the game. It was always going to be an easy sell as I went into it wanting a positive experience and got it. I came away buzzing with the tactical potential - this may just be newbie afterglow - but as an Ancients player it really felt the game I was looking for.

Keen to get more under my belt as I learn the game.



  1. Definitely liking the look of all those blocks of ranked troops on the table. Looks like a proper Fantasy battle should. How are you finding the crossover in terms of using the majority of your Skaven unit models? Is there much redundancy or does the KoW list give you plenty of opportunity to use some of the more peculiar WFB units?

  2. I can pretty much use any of my Skaven models. Death Engine = SB, Doomwheel, Furnace

    Giant Rats can go into Vermintide, Stormfiends into Brutes, PCB go into Blight