Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Game - Twilight Kin vs Ratkin

My third game on Saturday was against Sam's Twilight Kin. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. Not sure why as this was for me the most interesting game of the day.

The reason for this was that was the first time I had played a scenario other than Kill! And what a different game it makes. It certainly showed the weakness of the one dimensional list I had. Sam's list was very mobile - gargoyles and a Dragon - and I had nothing to engage them if they didn't want to be engaged. Without any ranged ability I was unable to shoot Sam's units off objectives where I couldn't engage them.

We had six objectives and at the end the score was 2-1 to Sam with three contested. If it had gone another two it would likely have been 2-0.

There were a couple of interactions that were interesting. My Slaves charged Sam's cavalry and I was able to do enough wounds to Rout them on a 10. Another Slave unit survived rolling snake eyes but this was no real impediment to Sam as with his shooting he only had to do another wound to ensure they broke. If it had occurred the other way around I would have had to engage them in Melee to break them.

So the upshot was it demonstrated clearly why scenarios are good for the game and why you need a balanced list to succeed at scenarios.

I'm looking forward to adding some capacity into my Ratkin for future games.

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