Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review - Ironheart Artisans KoW Token Set

I love my gaming aids and so when I switched to KoW I knew that I needed to get the appropriate tokens to "enhance" my gaming enjoyment.

From my first game it was clear that you need clear wound counters - we used dice and as there are no spaces on trays (because you don't remove casualties) I was constantly picking up "wound" dice.

Using a horde army I also am likely to need a full range of numbers to reflect the larger unit size.

My first port of call was Mantic but there were no tokens in stock. I didn't particularly like the set available with the Kickstarter although it has a great price point.

In my search I found a set produced by Ironheart Artisans. These are made from 2mm acrylic plastic and are generally two coloured. This set cost USD50.00 so not cheap but I thought I'm only ever going to need one so I'd make the investment. You can get a set made from mdf which is cheaper.

Here you can see what you get.

  • Wounds 1-10 x3
  • Wounds 11-20 x2
  • Wounds 21-25 x1
  • Wavered Markers x10
  • Disordered Markers x10
  • Eight numbered objective markers

To give you an idea of size the objective markers are similar in size to NZ $2 coin (a bit bigger than Oz $1 coin) and bigger than a US quarter.

The service turnaround from Ironheart was very good. The delivery took a week by tracked USPS post.

And as an added bonus when I opened my box they had included a LoS arc free.

Certainly recommend the company both for its product and its service.

You can access them on


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