Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FOB Blog Housekeeping

With change in the Fantasy Battles gaming scene and with the change in focus to this blog, I took the opportunity to tidy up some content.

Firstly, the FOB - Lite Comp has been taken down. Fantasy gaming is deviating away from the 8th ruleset and I am unlikely to run an 8th Ed event again. I believe that the system has been a good servant to the local community - allowing people to bring their toys but knocking the most egregious lists. I have left the four page Warhammer v8.1 game sheet as I believe for those who do still want to play 8th it addresses much of the outstanding rules queries.

The Calendar has also been changed to allow different types of events to be added - so Warhammer, KoW, 9th Age and Age of Sigmar. All you have to do is let me knock the details as per the Calendar and I am happy to publicise.

The tournament year ends 31 October. From 1 November rankings for Kings of War will be posted. This is in addition to Warhammer 8th rankings. I intend to continue these on the assumption that there is ongoing demand. If there isn't then I will revisit their continuation. I do not intend to post rankings for 9th Age or AoS until I see that there is sufficient critical mass. FOW and 40k will continue as normal.

The 2016 Fantasy Masters invites will be based on the new Kings of War rankings and that will be he gaming system used for the event. It is not my intention to run Warhammer Fantasy Masters in 2016 but I will revisit that if there is sufficient critical mass in the 8th gaming scene throughout 2016. That means that there would need to be 12+ ranking events (as a guide).

Hope that clarifies some of the changes made and upcoming changes.

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