Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Unit for my Ratkin - Hackpaws

One thing the Ratkin list has that wasn't in my Skaven was a Fast Cavalry unit. Now. Can see that such a unit would be very useful in a predominantly infantry horde list so decided to build a couple.

Unfortunately Mantic don't really have a suitable unit off the shelf. I suspect that the Fleabag Cavalry in the Gobbo list could be converted but until I saw the unit in the "flesh" I wouldn't know how much work it would entail.

Thankfully Forgeworld have a ready made proxy that can be used straight out of the box. The Skaven Wolf Rats.

I've used these before - as Sabretusks in my Ogre army - so know that they will fit straight in.

Like all FW non monsters it comes in a Clampack, all nicely sealed. There are however these strange oval bases included.

And here are the little blighters. Nicely detailed resin models totally in keeping with the scrawny, vicious aesthetic of the Ratkin. They are a multipart model and as you see from the feet you'll likely need to build up your base (far safer than trying to cut around toes).

So I have 10 Hackpaws. This is enough to have 2x Troops or one Regiment. I'll get them painted over the next week.



  1. Re the Fleabags, the rider legs are moulded on one side of the mount, the other side they are an add on piece. Once fitted the waist joint is probably too small for a clan rat torso, but could be greenstuffed with some robes. The models are also restic and the flash lines variable.

    I can provide a picture of the pieces so you can get an idea if you like.

  2. I think it is funny in KOW that they seem to have taken the approach that every army has almost everything - Dwarven Badgers, Skaven Hackpaws. I think this was their approach at trying to keep the game balanced, but it does lose some of the flavour that makes races unique.

    1. Privateer press followed the same approach each time they invest a new class of unit, everyone suddenly gets that same class.

      I remember the original introduction of Skaven for WFB. one of the players wrote in and asked when Skaven would get warmachines. The answer from GW was they wouldn't because they didn't fit into the tunnels. Now look at them, they have some of the best warmachines in the game.
      I'd take any list mechanism if it means armies don't get forced into one style of play involving sitting in the corner hiding behind warmachines.

      I think the rat models look really good.

  3. they look ace Pete - can't wait to face the rat hordes over the table at some point!

  4. Where Can I see finished Hackpaws? What models have you used for riders? Great choice tho!! :)