Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Game, New Year.....New event?

Interested in people's thoughts on the following concept.

With the move from WHFB to KoW I'm looking at ways to encourage tournament attendance.

KoW has a faster game time due to its mechanics. That means it is possible to fit four games into a day. This allows events to be organised differently.

I am considering running Runefang in mid January as two one day events over the same weekend. This would allow people to attend one or both days and may make it easier for those that can't commit to a full weekend. The idea is that you buy a ticket to either day or a ticket to both (at a discount).

For example you could buy a ticket to either day for $25 or a ticket to both for $40.

Each day would be a separate 4 round event counting for full ranking points (for those that care about those things). It would also allow people to use different lists or indeed different armies.

Having a full weekend encourages out of town gamers to come for the week while locals have the choice to only play one day if things like family commitments make things difficult.

What do people think?


  1. I think the idea certainly has merit, as one dayers are not worth the time/expense of travelling to (from an out-of-towner perspective), and the more games the merrier as such.

    Although, not sure if my brain could cope with 8 games, and it runs the tisk perhaps of not reaching critical mass numbers wise on any of the given days?

    January might be a little early in the piece too for me.

  2. Like it. I'd definitely be up for one day, possibly both. This would be a lot easier for me than a two days back to back.

  3. Also in regards to the using a different army on each day, would only easily work for locals. There being more models used in a KoW army makes for limitations on suitcase space if using more than one for travellers.

    1. I see it as an added advantage over existing rather than a disadvantage.

  4. Great idea! Won't change what I do though as I am a 2 day man. #stamina #allday

  5. Hi Pete. I love the idea. Work and family commitments has prevented me from engaging with the 2-day tournaments to a huge degree. I would be far more likely to attend one-day events

  6. I agree with other sentiments, travelling for 1 dayers is not worth it, so this looks to be a fair solution.

    The opportunity exists to do something similar to the following:
    day 1: 4 x 2k points games, counts as single event with max points
    day 2: escalate the size to 2.5k, play three more games (so travelers can go earlier). Builds on day one event (so 7 games total) and counts as separate event for rankings (based on all 7 games). I think for travelers, it would be easier to bring an additional 500 points rather than an entire new army, and would still add greater variation to a weekend.

    1. There is no requirement to change armies between events. The option is just there if you want to - either for your own variety or that of your opponent. I just see it as an added feature.

      Prefer to keep them as two separate events rather than an Escalation.

      Appreciate Invercargill has its own travel difficulties but don't necessarily think they are there for main centres. A 7:30pm flight to Auckland or Chch is totally achievable having people tucked up in bed at 9:30pm.

      Personally I would have thought having greater "local" attendance would be a plus for out of towners who get to play a wider range of opponents.

      Day 2 you could put a blood rule in place so you didn't play anyone you played Day One for the first three rounds.

  7. Hi Pete,

    this is a great idea for local players. I would certainly prefer to have the option to play just one day in certain weekends where I have other things on.

  8. Sounds like a good balance there Pete. I know for local stuff finding 1 day free is a whole lot easier than 2 so having the flexibility is great. I'm a big fan of being able to play 2 different systems on a weekend event as well, ala stuff like battlecry & last years flamescon where you could mix & match.

  9. Sounds like a great idea to me and agree that it'd suit both local and out of town gamers nicely.

    Also like the idea of two separate events on each day. You can still get two days of gaming if you're there for both but it means no matter how well or badly you do on the first day, it's a clean slate at the start of day two.

    Mid January might be a little close to family summer holiday time for many though, bit of a hectic time of year.

  10. Great idea all round. Getting a single day off is always easier than a weekend - though if the weekend was free I like the idea of two separate mini tournaments.

  11. I like the idea.
    The downside is that the swiss seedings don't have chance to work very well with only 4 rounds. But if people are OK with that then I think it is a great way of getting increased attendance.
    Another idea for the future is that with the shorter game times campaign weekends should also be more achievable.

    1. I was thinking the same. In my experience you need 5 rounds to make the swiss system work (well at least for WHFB). One of the reasons I do not like 1 dayers is the results tend to be based on luck of the draw for opponents. Thats why I was suggesting incorporating the 1 day event to be included in the second day, so both a single 1 day will then roll into a 2 day, satisfying both groups of participants.
      As it stands, 2 x 1 dayers are not that attractive to me

    2. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

      Swiss Chess 4 Rounds works for up to 16 people (definitely) and probably works for up to 32. A lot depends on the scoring system you use e.g. WDL

      Understand the proposed format is not for everyone but as it stands Wellington events have struggled to have many more than 20 people recently.

      I'm sure other TOs will run traditional two days as well.