Monday, October 12, 2015

Hobby Update

I had a very productive hobby weekend.

All my Kings of War trays are now painted and magnetised. I intend purchasing stocks of regiment and troop trays to have spares for various other armies. The basing material I got has made it a very cost efficient exercise to build extra trays to slot my armies into as needed.

I also pulled out various packets of 40mm square bases I had left over from my Skaven army. I intend to use them for my Ratkin as the bigger 40mm is easier to handle than multiple 20mm singles. There were also some 100mm x 50mm bases so they will be good for my Hackpaws.

Speaking of which, on Saturday I sat down and used my airbrush to lay down the base colours on the seven Hackpaws I have to do. I was really happy with the results and should have them finished and based for this weekend.

On Saturday six of us are looking to have a KoW day at my place. This will give us an opportunity to get some games in with the new ruleset.

Yesterday I went to the Kapiti B&B. Unfortunately there was nothing for me this year but I had the opportunity to talk to some of the Kapiti guys and hear about their experiences with KoW.

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