Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sarissa Kings of War Trays

My KoW trays arrived from Sarissa today. That was 8 days from when I ordered them - so thumbs up for customer services.

Tonight I glued the lips to the base ready for painting. I'm unsure yet whether I'll magnetise them as I want them to be able to be easily useable by a multitude of armies as I get into the game

My intention is to paint them black rather than texture them. A couple of reasons for this. One, they can then be used by any army regardless of my basing style and two, it makes it clear that the tray is not part of the unit i.e. Measure to the model base rather than the tray.



  1. I'd put the rubbersteel sheet in anyway, shouldn't make any difference to using non-magnetised miniatures unless those Sarissa trays have wafer thin edging that the GF9 sheets would fill-in.

    The great thing about KoW units is that you don't have to paint the inside of the trays as no models get removed. I arsed about painting the GF9 sheet in all of my WFB trays and matt varnishing it, be great not to have to do that again.

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