Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mantic Release Kings of War FAQ

Released today.

You can download it from here

I'd almost forgotten what FAQs looked like!


  1. It's a bit sad they had enough nitpicking new players that they needed to state a minimum model count for multi-basing units but aside from that nice clear cut FAQ.

    1. No surprise with ex WFB players ;)
      I just hope the rules are robust enough that a variety of army builds are all equally viable and that KoW will be immune to the powergamer crowd from WFB creating the same netlist dominant boredom that stifled Warhammer.

    2. I'd suggest that they are just trying to avoid situations like this:

  2. The main rules changes between 1st & 2nd edition were to tighten up the balance and get rid of the over-powered builds of 1st (skirmishing flyer spam, over-powered cavalry & blast warmachines etc) while maintaining the variety.

    From my experience with both editions there a plenty of viable builds within any race now. Plus due to the more streamlined rules & not having death-stars, character buses, 6 dice death spells etc net-listing won't be an issue as the game is about positioning & timing.