Thursday, September 10, 2015

9th Age Beta Released - A Fantasy Battle System For Massed Armies

The "9th Age" beta has been released and can be downloaded here

This is a complete newly written ruleset for massed army Fantasy wargaming. It has been put together by the authors of the Swedish Composition System and members of previous ETC Composition/FAQ teams and referees.

This project has its own website and forum and is just embarking on a project to produce Army Books for a variety of races that you can play using the rules. These races will be familiar to anyone who has previously played Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Now the beta has been released the playtesting of the ruleset begins.

If you are at all interested in massed army Fantasy battles then I encourage you to download the rules, try them and provide feedback to the authors through their forum or through The Warhammer Forum.

I am also expecting that we will see the culmination of Furion's "Warhammer Reworked & Rebalanced" in the next few days.


  1. Had a quick read through. Liking it thus far.

    Army books could be a different kettle of fish though.

  2. My oh my. This makes magic much more risky.

  3. Max of 5 dice to cast though... and double 6's can now be dispelled too, albeit with a high number. Certainly tones down the power of it a little bit, which was a/the common complaint?

  4. It looks really good so far. I am looking forward to seeing the army books.