Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FOB NZ Fantasy Rankings - WHFB Updated for Canopenner & Crack's Call

The rankings have been updated for two recent events - Canopenner and Crack's Call.

At Crack's Call Glen Burfield played the tortoise with his Daemons and swept into 1st with a 20-0 in the last round.

The Masters field is starting to coalesce now but there are opportunities still for people to wheddle their way in. Monstercon is on in Auckland during October while WarBanner is being held in Hawke's Bay.

And for those who doubted the Elfpocalypse, the Army Rankings have the PEGs occupying 1,2 and 3.

Perhaps GW was right to blow up the world.


  1. Wow, I'm placed 11th with only 2 events and 150 points... what a dire state...

  2. Monstercon in Auckland in October? Where's the info??

    1. Check the cityguard site. I had it but must have deleted it. Or check Elven Glades blog

    2. Nothing on either. Cityguard site been dead for ages, seems defunct now.

    3. Hey Dave (essexkiwi), Details are all on the Facebook event. Ryan should have been sent an invite. Monstercon for whfb this year is only a onedayers. Cheers, Phil.