Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Counter Charge Podcast

The Counter Charge podcast is the old Ohiohammer Mantic Radio show and can be downloaded from Ohiohammer.com

The show is now dedicated to Kings of War and there have been five main shows since the change in focus.

The first three of these were devoted to the KoW 2nd Edition rules. In the fourth show they had members of the Kings of War Rules Committee answering FAQs where they clarified areas of confusion. For a new player this was very useful - and the level of interaction with the community contrasted completely with that evidenced by GW.

Yesterday saw the latest episode released and this was a real coup. They had the rules author for Kings of War, Alessio Calvatore on the show where he went through some of the design philosophy for 2nd Ed. it was great to hear some of the thought process that went into their development.

In addition, to the main episodes they release a mini (5-10 min) episode at least once a week. This looks at the KoW community and has a short interview with a local player or details a hobby aspect. They represent nice little fillers if you have a spare few minutes.

Certainly well worth the listen.

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