Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Slaanesh Is Not Dead

Over the past ten years I have been collecting the metal Juan Diaz Daemonettes for a Slaaneshi army project. These are the metal "boobies" models that were released during 6th Edition and then eventually replaced by the god-awful plastics we have (or perhaps had) today.

The rumour was that these little models with naked breasts (sometimes up to six) upset the sensitivities of Little Timmy's Soccer Mum.

The project has stayed on the back burner as Horrors, Bloodletters and Plaguebearers have been painted - and the pile has grown. It is now sitting somewhere between 80-100 - of which 20 were painted at some point. As I rationalise my collections and move thru what I am keen to retain (and paint or have painted) these ladies are a big part. I have painted the chariots and the Fiends, some Seekers. However the Kipper and foot Daemonettes have remained unfinished.

Last night I pulled out the Daemonettes and started getting them ready for painting. I have converted Chariot crew, foot standards and musicians and pinned all the extremely fiddly arms. Once this is done I plan to prime and then flick them out for painting.

As the picture shoes I'm getting through them but still have at least another 20 to do.

Still nice to see progress.


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