Monday, September 21, 2015

Hobby Update - Sisters of Sigmar

I am painting up a Sisters of Sigmar unit of 35-40 for my Empire army. My intention is to use them as a Halberdier unit or maybe as Flagellants.

On the weekend I finished the first ten and am now well on the way to finishing the second ten.

Here's some photos - the bases are to be finished (dark grey).

Very happy with how they are turning out and they will break up the Yellow & Black of my Averlanders.



  1. Very nice. You must have parted with some decent coin to have 35-40 of them!

  2. They look good Pete. Nice to see you avoided the temptation to paint them in green and purple as renegade followers of Nurgle.

  3. Just picked them up whenever I saw them at B&B and got some from Specialist games.

    May even have some excess