Monday, September 14, 2015

Hobby Update

So I got a bit of hobby in this weekend.

I managed to finish the fifteen Great Swords and now just have to base them. I'll get that done over the next couple of nights and then post pictures of the unit. It is now 35 strong and I have found enough to boost it to 50 though I'll probably stop at 40.

Next to hit the table was 20 metal Flagellants. These are coming along quite quickly and will boost the current unit of 30 up to 50. If I get a good run I'm hoping to get them done over the next week or so.

On Saturday I managed to get in my first game of 9th Age. We played 2400 points of Tomb Kings versus Skaven. Later today I'll post my impressions of the game.

Hoping my THM Scenery Kickstarter arrives this week. I'm keen to paint some terrain pieces while I work through the Flaggies.

Finally I submitted my 2000 point list for Crack's Call. They were due yesterday so we should see them in the next few days.

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