Thursday, September 10, 2015

Biel Tan Eldar For Sale

I have two really well painted Beil Tan Eldar units for sale. They are Aspect Warrior units that were part of a GT award winning army painted by Alan Borthwick.

The units are painted in the colours of their Aspect and will fit into anybody's Eldar army. They are mounted on resin fractal bases and the associated Wave Serpents have magnetised flying stands for ease of transport.

The Dire Avengers come in a unit of ten including Exarch with Diresword while there are nine Fire Dragons including an Exarch with a Firepike.

More pictures over the page

I'm looking for $200 per unit each (which is less than current retail) and you get the paint job for free. Pretty cool - a Wave Serpent and 9/10 Aspect Warriors painted to a high standard for the bare plastic/metal price.

Buy both and you can have them for $350.

For overseas that's USD$130 per unit or USD$230 for both.

Buyer pays postage.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, those units are still going. go 2006 paint jobs :) i sold them to a guy in singapore, who sold them to someone else, who sold them to Brad Morin (i think) off WAU, who then sold bits to you and Greg. and so the cycle continues.

    Good luck, hope you get a good price.

    Dont forget that the back door is also magnetised, and the interior pained, and the turrets are magnetised to the hull and the guns themselves have magnets inside so that the guns dont droop and can be positioned pointing up.

    yep i went mental with magnets :)