Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hobby Update - Getting in Supplies

So on Sunday afternoon, having read the Kings of War rules on Saturday, I went to Sarissa Precision and ordered myself a whole series of generic movement trays.

My thought process is that with KoW you only need a standard set of trays given it is a unit rather than model game. I'm therefore looking to create a set which I'll paint with black rims and I will then be able to use for whatever army I'm running.

This will give me the opportunity to try out the game and see if I like it.

Sarissa make great trays and when I'm putting them together I always look to magnetise them. To achieve this I ordered 12 sheets of Steel Paper from Gale Force 9.

Both companies have displayed great customer service in the past so I'm expecting the parcels to arrive early next week.

From there I will be quickly up and running.

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  1. I use 3mm MDF with the GF9 rubber steel sheet lining them. Very easy to cut 3mm with a craft knife into shape and cut strips for edging, PVA together, quick sandpaper to bevel them (don't inhale) and you're done.