Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 9th Age Approaches?

I spent last evening going through the 9th Age alpha release.

The authors so far have done a good job with the main rules. They have reintroduced the SLOS over TLOS - this was a staple of European competition - but have resisted the opportunity to meddle for meddling sake.

The one key area that is new is the Magic system where punishment for miscasting is much much harder and it gets worse the number of PD you use. It also does away with spells auto going off/being dispelled. On the whole it makes things around magic more catastrophic - especially with big spells. Now this has consequences - Death Stars - but it will be interesting to see how they address them.

Each day now they are giving sneak peeks of new rules. For instance steadfast can be broken if a unit is contacted in the flank or rear by 2 or more ranks.

The authors seem to be ignoring the "helpers" who are wish listing or attempting to introduce unnecessary rules into the project.

As always proof will be in pudding.


  1. It looks like death stars can be dealt to in combat more easily.
    1. The current disruption removes steadfast.
    2. Rank and File troops can always attack the unit irrespective of characters in BtB contact.

    Can't see my Goblin deathstar with its nasty skulkers surviving for long.
    Nor your slaves

  2. It looks really good. I am very keen to attend some tournaments under 9th once the beta comes out soon. Might have to start collecting another army in anticipation!

  3. Very interested in how this unfolds

  4. They've kicked killy lords on dragons teeth in now though....

    Was pretty stoked with everything until this...

    1. I don't see why you see this as so bad.
      The damage output is the same.
      Attacking the dragon is the same (still hard going).
      A cannon ball won't hit both so the :lord has more wounds
      Its just that the killy Lord dies with dragon. So you can spend all those points protecting the Lord somewhere else.
      Its also a big boost to weak characters who weren't receiving any protection from their mount.

    2. Makes my Imperial griffon very unattractive though. And stuff like manticores etc

    3. You need to check sneak peak 5. Griffons etc are monstrous beasts and treated with a combined profile as at present except for the +1AS. So the saves of the rider apply to the whole model, the toughness and the wounds are used from the monster.
      Only really big monsters are treated differently.

    4. Then I tip my hat to you good sir, and consider me still excited for this ninth age concept!

  5. Give it up. I hate to say it but ... give it up. WH as we all know it is dead, and regardless of whether we like it or not, the hobby is moving forward. It is amusing and scary in similar measures to hear Heelan declaring that AoS is playable in a tournament format.

    Either GW have marketed REALLY well or it actually is. If you want (I hate the expression but there you go) 'rank and flank', you have Kings of War by Rick and Alessio. If you want lots of round bases then start converting now. The dust has settled, the dice are in, the Ones That Will Decide ... unfortunately have.

    9e is fine for the next year, but then the Sharks will descend, much like West Side Story, and you will be sidelined into a weird little unsupported branch of wargaming. This is fine if you are Napoleonics or Historical, who revel in thus. But not WH players. Not now, not ever.

    There was a dialogue until it was silently and cruelly deleted. Please let it continue.

    I am not averse to 9e, or WH as a whole. I have love LOVED the game since 1st Ed in ways you people don't even realise. I have been working through th grief process that the game I grew up with, and in a weird way defined my character, is gone. I remember 3e and still have it, I remember the birth of 40k. There is solemn, sad, empathetic grief here.

    But no, no, you focus on rules and tournaments and deleting anything that doesn't correspond to your internet prerogative. SHAME ON YOU! When WH came out there was no such thing as the Internet, it was just a whole bunch of us, across continents, trying to get along. SHAME ON YOU!