Monday, September 28, 2015

Podcast Cleanout

This morning was quite a sad day for me. I had a Cleanout of the podcasts that I regularly download and listen too. Dominating the list of those cleaned out were the Age of Sigmar podcasts.

Included in this list was Heelanhamer, Bad Dice (which had just restarted) and Garagehammer. All of these have provided over 125 episodes each and for the past four to five years have been staples on my commute, while I was out walking or while I painted.

However I've realised more and more in recent weeks with the shift from Warhammer to Age of Sigmar that less and less of the content is relevant to me and just as importantly less and less I understand (not playing the game). The pleasant personalities of the hosts can only carry things so far.

I say it is sad as these shows have given me literally hundreds of hours of content cover the past half decade or so. During that time I have made sure that I financially supported the shows to at least help these guys neutralise the not insubstantial costs they incur for hours of free content.

Thanks very much to the hosts of these shows for all their efforts and the hours of free enjoyment that they have provided in support of the hobby.

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