Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lack of GW Errata - Causing Problems in the Game

One of the most frustrating aspects of GW's current operating model is the lack of errata and FAQs.

This means that some of the more recent books do not have glaring errors addressed.

Be it "Predatory Fighter" or something else, everyone will have their particular bugbear.

For me the most glaring mistake is the classification of Dark Elves' Warlocks as "Rare". Anybody with a passing interest in the game will tell you that there is no way in hell that these are rare, often outnumbering infantry in DE armies (that assumes you exclude RBT crew as infantry models - the 8 you field are only wound markers afterall).
Generally the number of Warlocks on show will outnumber Dark Riders, but here's a funny thing. They really are a force multiplier as they seem to have an uncanny ability to attract swarms of other Fast Cavalry and characters on Pegasus mounts.

Obviously no self respecting Dreadlord (or Morathi or Level 4 Death Sorceress in lower point games) will be seen with out ten of these - to quote the hipster jibe - "bad boys". But really that's just the door price as 90% of DE armies will shoe-horn in 20 of the cute little donkeys.

So GW has obviously erred here. The playing base are showing "These aren't Rare at all". I look forward to their inevitable shift to "Special", perhaps even "Core".

And aren't they just great looking models!


  1. AND, they are totally missing any reference in the fluff as to the massive tides of male DE sorcerers on horse that are clogging up the countryside in plain violation of the Witchking's hopes and dreams not to mention the absolute explosion of Dark pegasii (probably displacing the dark-elf starling populations) . Can we please get this cleared up GW!

    1. It sounds as if you have some sort of issue with the warlocks and pegasii?

    2. More just expressing disappointment with the failed policies of the discredited Malekith government

  2. Replies
    1. I let mine out for a brisk walk. But he died to a stiff breeze....stupid windy Masterton.

    2. The problem for the hydras is that their hides make excellent bolt thrower cables. The mass production of Reapers from old book to new has led to the near extinction of the hydra according to the Auld World Wildlife Fund.

    3. My 3 have been making constant appearances but they've been rather lonely out there...

    4. Watch out Tane will want to start passing draconian laws in response to Peak Hydras

    5. Relax Pete, the Naggarothi government will blithely continue on with last century's policies, happily ignoring all scientific, magical and divine advice and evidence about the End Times. Which is clearly just a conspiracy theory anyway.