Friday, October 24, 2014

Skitterleap - This Weekend

Skitterleap is on this weekend (Saturday/Sunday) at Cashmere Avenue School in Khandallah.

Unfortunately I had one withdrawal on Wednesday evening (work commitments) which leaves me with an odd number of participants. I've managed to jack up players to play the bye for all rounds except Round 3 (3pm Saturday afternoon). If anyone would like to help out and play that round for me it would be greatly appreciated - just drop me an email. Otherwise someone will be going under the Vampire bus!

Looking at the field, there are a number of very strong lists there. Here's my picks for the Top 5:

#5 - Wil Hoverd (Empire)

List is nails and Wil has proven in the past that he can perform at Skitterleap

#4 - Ryan Lister (Wood Elves)

Net list Wood Elves. The forests have been stripped of all available Wild Riders, Trueflight arrows and Waywatchers.

#3 - Peter Williamson (Wood Elves)

In danger of missing out on the Masters. Needs a podium here....and probably a win.

#2 - Sam Whitt (Warriors of Chaos)

All the toys.

#1 - Greg Greenfield (Dark Elves)

Retiring and reticent Aussie exile is playing Dark Elves. Nuff said.

However amongst all the sharks, dogfish and little tiddlers, there swims one that I hope rises to the top. It would be bloody fantastic if Neil Williamson can conquer all with his Valkyia Khorne list. Neil, you are the hipsters' hope at this event.


  1. But what about James Brown? I want to hear about that guy!

  2. I cant be top 5, i have actual FOOT warriors in my army. Everyone says they are shit!

  3. Accidental Pete Prediction of Death on me here...helped write picks 5 and 4 and provided models...I left the country to avoid the curse :P

    1. I'm hopeful a more competent pilot might see them home!

    2. What's to pilot? Six dice and push it forward for the win!

  4. Hi Pete, I just sent you an e-mail, I can help out this weekend if you still need someone.

  5. Yay, I'm a cult leader. I'll try not to let my followers down.
    Valkia FTW

  6. I just put together a list for tomorrow in under 5 minutes, I tell you what, pray you don't get me for round 3 tomorrow as the Skaven combat army is out for some more heads to add to Queeks trophy rack and show this Valkia thing how it's done!

    Who needs a level 4 when you have Skaven combat infantry?

    It's so good I may win the entire event just from one round!

  7. Sorry hipsters - I did not meet your expectations.
    The only good news was that I only lost one game and that Valkia is officially one of the most beautiful bitches out there.
    Thanks to everybody for great games (even Greg) , and to you Pete for running it.