Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Podcasts on Nagash Fluff

The recent episodes of both Garagehammer and Heelanhammer have been dedicated to the fluff sections of the Nagash End Times book.

Both have followed a similar format - a round table discussion of the content and its implications for the Warhammer world.

Garagehammer is more structured in form following the chronological path of the book pretty much. The panel is made up of Dave Witek, Chris Yu and Chris Tomlinson (from The Black Sun podcast). I'm not so sure on the "fluff" readings by what I suspect is one of Dave's students, but the panel discussion is fun and thought provoking.

The Heelanhammer offering is a bit more chaotic. In this case the panel is Dan Heelan, Wayne Kemp, Chris Appleford and Simon Hyett. They jump around a bit more but benefit from the longer period in the hobby that someone like Wayne has been. They regularly reference the similarities and differences with GW's 6th Ed "Storm of Chaos" campaign - that the End Times effectively replaces.

Both are well worth the time taken to listen. I regularly picked up things I missed or nuances I hadn't thought about. Well done guys!

I'm loving this narrative direction that GW have taken with the End Times and can't wait until the second wave hits.


  1. "I regularly picked up things I missed or nuances I hadn't thought about. "

    ... Which were... ????

  2. the comments section made me laugh - well done both of you!