Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Hobby

Over the weekend I continued on my current "crusade" on finishing up my existing armies before I make any significant new purchases.

So Saturday saw me base the metal Corsairs that Sam Whitt had painted for use as White Lions in the High Elf army I purchased off Phil Comins. Sam has done a great job matching Phil's original paintjob and it means I now have 33 rather than 14. At the same time I based the Frostheart Phoenix and an Eagle to go with the army. They will see table this weekend as James Brown is borrowing for Skitterleap.

I also finished the bases on my Black Knights and Hexwraiths and built scenic movement trays for them. While looking at my Vampire Counts I saw I had 20 Mantic Skellies, 9 Werewolves and a spare Terrorgheist. A quick tweet later and they have a new home. I'm now working through repainting some GW skeletons to match my army.

Rummaging through the box marked "VC" I found a bunch of the new plastic characters - Wraith, Necromancer and Wight King - which I've moved into the painting queue. I also have the metal Blood Dragon Vampire on foot and the Sartosa Vamp that may see some paint. My final VCs will then be finishing the Terrorgheist which is currently base-coated and then some Gamezone figs to use as Blood Knights.

Once this is done then all my TKs and VCs will be complete.

Summer will be for the Empire - Demis, Stank, Greatswords, Flagellants, 30 Sisters of Sigmar, Hurricanium and the Luminarch. Plus about a zillion characters.


  1. Nice work dude. I haven't been able to get any warhammer hobby mojo going of late :(

    Phil Comins is a name i haven't heard in a while.He still owes a friend of mine a Wood elf dragon and a bunch of warhawk riders from the Weeds army he brought off him a few years back.


  2. Flick me an email at Darren - been trying to track you and him down since I found those in storage.

  3. Sweet bro,Email sent


  4. Nice work, good making such swift progress. Empire is going to be an interesting mix up for you.