Monday, October 27, 2014

Skitterleap Photo Album

Here's some photos from the weekend at Skitterleap.

Sam Whitt enjoying the two Ironblaster experience
Ryan Lister took a couple of games to find the Wood Elf auto-pilot switch

A James-off. Skaven vs. High Elves.

Eventual winner Peter Williamson starts his run through the Elf armies. He ended playing four.
Russell Simister had a great start to the event with wins over Alix Barclay's O&G and Greg Greenfield's DE
Stuart Robinson piloting his WoC against Ogres
James Brown lost a second round Elf-off versus Peter Williamson.

Aaron Hodson looks delighted as Dragon Ogres rampage towards him

Higgins' Titan Forge Ogres up against James.

Peter and James continue their elf encounter

Ryan and Alix on Day Two

Sam and James fought out a 10-10 in the last round. Sam suffered some poor luck in the final turn which brought it back to a draw. The points dropped cost him a podium finish.

Hamish Forbes and Stuart fighting it out in the last round.

Final round battle between Ogres and O&G saw Aaron lose a lot of his army when a fleeing Gutstar ran into the pursuit path of some Squig Hoppers. Ouch!

James and Neil's game ended 10-10.

In last round Greg Greenfield beat Peter Williamson to claim 3rd Place.

















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