Monday, October 13, 2014

Hobby Update

Skitterleap is a couple of weeks away and lists were due yesterday. I have taken over the umpiring role so that Ryan can play. Being an all round nice guy, I'll give participants until tonight to get their lists to me before I start dishing out penalties....currently there are five outstanding.

When I look at the lists the word "dichotomy" springs to mind. Units of Night Runners, Lothern Seaguard and Slaanesh Chariots mingle freely with maxed out Wild Riders, full sized Warlock units, wall to war Tz Exalted Heroes on Daemonic Mounts. Well for the first round anyway!

My Sarissa Movement Trays turned up. They are now magnetised and have had sand applied. This will finish off my Tomb Kings and also provide a 12 man tray for my Black Knight bus.

On Saturday I went to the Kapiti Club Buy,Sell & Swap and managed to pick up a unit of Ellyrion Reavers and a crewless O&G Rok Lobba (I have crew from my Plague Claw Catapult conversion). I also picked up a bag of the old range of GW paints (that cover some holes in the existing spectrum). Thanks guys, great initiative.

I was lucky enough to snaffle a further box of new "metal OOP' Wild Riders off eBay. These come up intermittently and the price varies from a discount to new plastics to about 1.5x the cost. Great to get some NIB.

Painting wise I've been focused on Tomb Kings. I have finished Settra and started work on Khalida. Also painted a new Liche for my Casket of Souls. Following this I have a BSB, Tomb Prince and Hierotitan and then I should have between 4000-5000 points painted. I do have an additional 20 archers available if I need more Core (currently I have 60 archers).

Lastly, I based some High Elves White Lions. These are the old metal Dark Elf Corsairs. My High Elf army had 14 of these Phil Comins had done and Sam Whitt has painted a further nineteen. They've now been based on Iron Halo resin bases for James Brown to use at Skitterleap.

Reading wise, I finished the Nagash novel and have reached the invasion of Khemri in the fluff book.

So all in all a pretty busy week.


  1. What are you making your heirotitan out of? Did you get the legs from Rothand studio or are you making the models from another set of components.

    1. I have a plastic action figure and warsphinx parts. It is huge. i'll post pics

  2. Good catching up at the swap meet.