Tuesday, October 28, 2014

End Times Over For Another Couple Of Months

The Glottkin model coupled with the second End Times book release this coming weekend sees the end of new WHFB stuff until January.

We are being told the releases for November are a new wave of Tyranids including a dual Monster kit. This is likely to be supported with a new "codex" especially as this year's main Tyranid book was derided as dull in the extreme.

And this seems to be the model going forward for 40k. An initial release of a blandish codex then followed with all the embellishments in a themed second book with condiments in DLC format.

From a sales point of view it makes sense. It transforms what used to be a soft back codex costing $55-60 - and included special characters and variant lists etc - into a full package costing between $150-200.

It will be interesting to see whether it is transposed to WHFB. At the moment we have the different Campaign route for refresh. Similar costing though.

In both cases I'd like to see more after sales support in the form of frequent FAQs (if needed - they currently are).

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