Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vampire Counts - Who's On First?

Okay a little game of where is best placement for VC characters.

I have a Black Knight bus with three characters in it. Let's say that the bus is six wide.

Vampire Lord

  • Heavy Armour
  • Ogre Blade
  • 4+ Ward
  • OTS
  • Quickblood
  • Red Fury
  • Sword of Anti Heroes
  • Heavy Armour
  • Enchanted Shield
  • Opal Amulet
  • Quickblood
Wight King
  • Heavy Armour 
  • Shield
  • Lance
  • Nightshroud
All on Barded Nightmares/Steed. Unit has Full Command.

Where should I place the characters for maximum utility?


  1. Run it 5 wide (2 less Blackknight attacks are close to meaningless). Lord on one corner, with Nightshroud right next to him. And the other vamp in the back rank to make way to where you want him.

  2. I would run the bus wide in a single rank. Then you can put the characters on each end, then make way with all of them where they are most needed in the combat. You can always combat reform back into a deeper formation if needed, as it's often better to break the enemy on his turn.

  3. Well it depends if you are up against 20,25or 40mm bases I think.
    Sticking to the plan of 6 wide as instructed I would go
    M SB V VL WK C

    The outside positions can be blocked by cheap characters or champions limiting the damage the lord or vampire can do so you want them on the inside. The nightshroud next to the lord will almost guarantee him to swing first.
    The OTS in the middle will affect the majority of models and allow the Vamp and Wight access to the ability as well.

  4. I am with Neil 6 wide as I think the extra BK attacks are worth it. I wouldn't put OTS next to other friendly characters with ward saves (even opal amulet) though.

    Vampire Lord on the corner if you aren't looking for combat in case you miscast, otherwise as Neil said away from corner so cannot be blocked by a challenge. Wight King always next to Lord to make the most of T5

  5. I'd run it 5 wide vamp wight king, muso standard champ the night shroud protecting the baby vamp and the champ can soak up attacks on the other corner. Then make way with the vamp lord next to the wight king most likely. In some cases you might want to go wide but how I'd go to start I reckon. If you do get charged it stops people cock blocking your vamp as well if he is on a corner with a champ as you can make way.

  6. Run the BK 3 wide with FC. Make way with characters as you want