Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Painting Desk

I cleaned up my painting desk during the week so thought I'd take a few snaps and show my set up.

I have a computer desk I bought that gives me a stable platform. On it are the Back2Bas-ix racks the boys bought me for Xmas.  I use two lights - a negative ion painting light and a desk lamp with a daylight bulb in it. 

On the right is my Dremel with the Dremel vice I have bolted to the desk. I normally lay some paper and have a large white ceramic tile as my palette. There are four water bowls for cleaning. I try to stick to one for metallics. The worst thing I can do is let Jack near the water bowls. Within minutes they are all full of black water. He struggles with the concept of using them for different types of brush cleaning.

In the background you can see the roller desk I bought earlier this year. Lynne hates it but it's great for me. It has storage below - basing materials, some models - a drawer in middle where I keep my Foldio and other shit and then a work area behind the roller. On top are my set of Citadel Paints. 

So that where I work. I try to keep it tidy - constant fail - and I am trying to get away from hoarding all brushes and other crap past their use by date. 


  1. I guess Jack and I do have something in common.

  2. I'm yet to see those water pots actually have any water in them. Every single one is always dried out and caked in old paint whenever I show up