Thursday, October 23, 2014

End Times It Is - FAQ Up

New GW Rulebook FAQ up.....and Little Timmy shrieks with delight!

Page 134 – Lords
Replace both paragraphs with: “You can spend up to 50% of
your points on Lords. Lords are the most powerful characters
in your army, individuals possessed of fearsome martial or
magical might.”
Page 134 – Heroes
Replace both paragraphs with: “You can spend up to 50%
of your points on Heroes. Heroes are lesser characters, not
as intrinsically deadly as Lords, but still worth a score of
ordinary warriors.”
Page 135 – Army Selection Summary Table
Replace “Lords – Up to 25%” with “Lords – Up to 50%”
Replace “Heroes – Up to 25%” with “Heroes – Up to 50%”
Page 162 – Spell Generation
At the end of the second paragraph, add:
“The Lore of Undeath is available to any Wizard.”

So there we go kids. It's End Times or the Highway!

They've also answered a question re Wood Elves, no-one ever asked. But nothing on Pred Fighter, duplication of arrows, re-roll to wound shooting hits with Cauldron etc.

Well done Guys!! Take the rest of the year off!


  1. I laughed when i read the Wood Elf FAQ, such a relevant and pressing question to answer

  2. That's going to make our Open tournament meta a little different.

  3. Welcome to Hero hammer population lame... DoC DE and WoC players are going to love this. NZTC will be interesting

  4. Herohammer Monstermash. Shape of 9th Ed?

  5. Yay :) I can now bring a Bloodthrister and a Lord of Change

  6. You guys are so small minded.

    Think how many Spelleaters you can fit into those 1800 points

  7. I'm not sure if the sky is falling, though I have to say I don't like the emphasis on characters. I want to play a wargame between armies, not between groups of adventurers with a bunch of NPC sword-fodder along to cheer them on. So I'd prefer Warhammer to be about the units rather than the heroes, but that's a personal preference and GW doesn't have to care about my hopes and dreams.

    I don't think the sky is falling after listening to Jeff's podcast on his End Times tournament. It's early days so far, but I thought he made a good point that boosting character points (in Dark Elves at least) cuts too far into other useful things. Other armies may be different; double Slann with 3+ Scar Vet cowboys might be broken as hell, or double Daemon Prince or double Star Dragon/Frosthearts. But every point spent on characters is a point that isn't spent on cannons, Warlocks, Frosthearts, Chimeras, Ironblasters, RBTs etc. We'll have to wait for those who like to optimize their lists for ultimate efficiency to find out just how bad this might be.

    1. You'd be so much happier playing Historicals. Don't fear change Tane, be progressive!

    2. So changes are good jeff ,this is not one of them !

    3. Jeff, you do realize I agreed with you right?

      And what's wrong with wanting to play a mass-battle Fantasy game rather than a hero-based one? I'm not claiming my view is better than yours, but can I hold a different view to you? Please, with a cherry on top?

      Besides, I am progressive, and boy do I want change.

  8. I'm just stoked I can now run a non-gimp vampire on a dragon!!

  9. Pete ,so will you be using the new FAQs for NZTC ?

    1. If 9th comes out should we all keep playing 8th?

  10. Only if Beastmen get a new book !

  11. No fixing of the DE warlock problem I noticed... sheesh

  12. In not so shocking news, the new FAQ is not going down well in ETC land