Monday, October 20, 2014

End Times - The Big Question

The big question re the End Times will be answered in the next fortnight.

In End Times: Nagash we were given "The Undead Legions" which allowed people to combine their Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings armies - as part of the campaign ( though this is up for some debate as to whether it extends further).

However that was just "playtime". The real question comes when you consider Chaos. A lot of people have assumed that this "combining" will be extended to other races and has such we will see ET2 giving us a WoC/DoC abhorrence.

However perhaps the models are giving us a lead. Everything is Nurgle. Now apart from Nurgle being the only true God perhaps this signals what we'll see in Book 2.

Combination of DoC and WoC limited to those units with the Mark of Nurgle.

This still gives a strong potential army but would knock some of the more abusive aspects out of the list - no Skullcrushers, no Skullcannons etc.

Not sure what they'd do for Beastmen but perhaps the intro of a Mark of Nurgle to the list (and my 40 Pestigor would welcome this).

Guess all will be revealed in the coming fortnight.

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  1. I happened to be on the GW website today and saw this bundle deal for a Nurgle Beastmen herd, supporting the introduction of the Marks for the Beasts: