Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welcome The New Maggot Lords

And Chaos starts to get its roll on. This week we have the release of the "Maggot Lords" - a triple character kit like the Mortarchs.

Single profile just like the Mortarchs, each around 400 points, 100mm x 50mm base.

One acts as a 24" Str 3(4) Stone Thrower that ignores armour.


  1. I for one welcome our new maggot overlords.


  2. Jeez I am looking forward to Lizardmen getting this sort of plastic treatment. Mind you, it's not hard for a GW marketing exec to look at all the GD entries that consist of that plastic Nurgle Lord... and think 'Hmmm... Might be something popular about Nurgle...maybe.. we.... should... make.... more...'

    1. Aaaah...Carnosaur, Stegadon, Troglodon, Bastilidon......

      What do you mean/

    2. Yes ok two of those things *might* be seen in a Lizard list. Stop joking around about the Trololololololololodon. Let's start with plastic Krox, or some sort of baby carnosaur monstrous cav, or a mini dread saurian (a slightly-irritating saurian), some sort of flying monstrous thing that's not a giant terradon... I mean surely these things exist - it's a jungle out there!

  3. What with Avatar of Wars Great Weapon armed Nurgle Warriors and these new releases i am half tempted to do a Nurgle WOC army