Monday, May 11, 2015

Actual 9th Edition Rumours

This set of rumours has appeared over at TWF:

  • 9th edition rules aren't going to be the big jump that moving from 7th edition to 8th was.
  • There are going to be 3 versions of Warhammer.
  • The Age of Sigmar - recommended for point totals 500 to 1,500 and will be a skirmish style game.
  • The Age of Steel - Warhammer as we all played it over the last 5 years.
  • The End Times - magic heavy and 50% lords & heroes (and Lore of Undeath).
  • Power dice are now a base of 2D6 (4D6 for End Times) up to 2,000 points, add another power dice for every 1,000 points after that so fielding a 4,000 point army would roll 4D6 Winds of Magic or 6D6 in the End Times.
  • Lots of new spells though the #6 spells all allow Ward Saves
  • New magic items. Some went away, some new ones arrived.
  • 8th edition measuring still exists
  • Regeneration now works like a War Hydra, dead models come back with a single wound on a 4+
  • Lances do impact his on the charge
  • Spears are +1ST if they hold against "mounted units"
  • ASF has changed. Units that charge get ASF vs the unit they charge.
  • Fear as now but tests are at -1 leadership, Terror at -2 (BSBs are still OP)
  • Killing Blow does D3 wounds
  • Heroic Killing Blow still kills everything
  • Characters riding monsters have a merged profile
  • Steadfast can be lost with a single rank of 5 in the flank. Units cannot be Steadfast against anything that can Thunderstomp them
  • 2D6 Scenarios and a much broader terrain chart
  • Models lose half their charge roll distance if they clip terrain (think of it as toned down 7th edition terrain rules) though dangerous terrain is still in effect (1s to wound for models that take dangerous terrain tests)
  • New building rules
  • Combat resolution - outnumbering is back
  • Holding table quarters is back too

Now I'm going to call "shenanighans". This looks like a "wish list" rather than reality (and probably by a 7th Ed Ragequitter).

It almost looks too good to be true.


  1. While it may not be true that if it is then thats a good set of changes. I like the 3 versions rule as it gives people options on what scale to play and caters to everyone. If thats what 9th ed will look then it will be a good edition

  2. It was an ok read till this line
    - Steadfast can be lost with a single rank of 5 in the flank.
    That made me lol

  3. Steadfast does need to cop that nerf I reckon, currently it is just stupid.. or if they don't nerf it, allow unstable troops, when steadfast, to be unbreakable...

    1. If thunderstomp/single rank got rid of steadfast, or it got nerfed, you would see even less infantry in the game than you do already. It will be even more monster/monstrous cavhammer. If anything we need more incentive to field infantry like the +1S for spears against mounted.

      There are some good ideas in there but still very much salted rumours. Devil is always in detail too.

    2. Exactly. Is infantry such a problem that one of the few beneficial rules for fielding them should be nerfed?
      The should be buffed with formation rules for the square, or turtle etc

  4. I feel a full rank of Cav in the side/flank should easily affect stead fast...

    Also, as said before, they need to give benefits of the BSB and Steadfast somehow to undead...

    1. I cant fathom how 5 dudes should be able to disrupt 100...

    2. If they are bringing back Unit Strength, then maybe US10 or higher will disrupt. So 1 rank of Cav vs 2 rabks of Infantry.

    3. Depends on the 5 dudes man, and lets not go down the realism track either...

    4. maybe in combination with the "outnumber" rule?

  5. As usual with these sorts of rumours I like some of them (Kblow, table quarters, more scenarios, infantry with spears, somehow make building less powerful without making them useless, 3 versions of the game), but most of them do feel like a 7th ed re-hash.

    There is a reason terrain no longer slows movement on the charge (I remember some VERY long conversations trying to work out legal charges...pre measuring wont help that), Fear/terror downgrade and the removal of outnumbering made combat faster and fairer.

    I think looking at the recent changes to 40K with the update is a smart thing to do. Didn't rock the boat too much, simply clarified rules where codex creep and codex unique rules had made things murky, and opened the game up to be more hobby/fluff centric.

    Either way I'm looking forward to the new edition and what they do with it...

    Joel v

  6. Alas I feel 40k's 7th was an "oh shit, stuff needs fixing, oh we'll throw in a magic phase also" but compare the difference between 40k 5th and 6th, there was some major shake ups, I feel IMHO that is what we are going to cop, not the rules neatening that 7th was to 6th (40k)