Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Chadaguay Archipelago

As I posted the other day I am looking to run an ongoing campaign over the next few months to get through "edition change".

Decided that it will largely be a narrative driven campaign looking to create some backdrop. To do that I have decided on a number of drivers:

  1. Mighty Empires based - using the rules I posted last year
  2. Limit on participants - choosing to have four so that things are manageable and relatively coherent. Also far easier to herd the cats.
  3. Campaign Day - set campaign day of last Saturday of the month. Gives some structure and hopefully helps herd the cats.

Both Mike King and Ryan Lister have signed up and I'm waiting to hear back from the fourth. Hopefully Mike will use Lizards - cultured city builders - and Ryan will use Vamps - feudal based settlement - while I'll be using my Skaven - destructive squatters.


For me it will be a chance to paint up and use units from the Skaven book that haven't seen the light of day - expect to see some Rat Ogres, Giant Rat Packs and Jezzails.


I've been painting up the campaign may over the past few nights and here is the bubble archipelago of Chadaguay - or what we know so far.

The full map - mountains in the north, forest/jungle and a shore in the south.
The shoreline in the south - likely home of the Lizards
The lush north with mountains capping the area.

Over-exposed close up of the map. The intention is that once the campaign has legs then we may be able to expand it and allow other participants in. My intention is nog to over complicate things at outset but once up and running have it player driven and customisable.